Easter Activities Around our House

Easter Activities Around our House

I’ve always loved Easter. I think I associate it with spring and new beginnings. It has always been a time for food and family (goes hand in hand with my family). Even in university I usually made the trip to have dinner with family in between exams. Now that I have kids it’s exciting to share Easter with them.

We got out some Easter decorations out last weekend and the girls spent about two hours playing with plastic eggs. They sorted colours, filled purses and shopping baskets, fought over colours… Bug was “trading” Monkey for all her pink and purple eggs. Problem was Monkey didn’t know they were trading, she just knew eggs were leaving her basket every time she stopped walking! I told my husband we have to remember to bring those eggs back out in a few months for an afternoon of play 😉

I’ve been working on a couple things for my girls this week…

Hair clip holder

clippie frame
They (ok not so much Monkey yet–she doesn’t have much need for hair clips yet!) have several cute little hair clips and I often whip them up for various occasions (see above pic.) My problem–where to put them that they don’t get crushed & ruined or dismantled by the child who, “just wants to look.” Since I made many of the hair clips, I hate to see them just pulled apart. Old picture frame + ribbon stapled to said frame and we have a place to store hair clips. So excited to hang this up and get them off the top of my armoire.

Bunny Clippie

bunny hair clip

Well it’s Easter, we needed an Easter clip! Can’t wait for these to adorn the ponytails on the weekend. Ribbon and pompoms and voila–we have ourselves an Easter bunny!

Easter painting in the kitchen

Potato Stampers

Potato Stampers

We played with paint and my Easter cookie cutters. I liked the look of this, but I don’t think the paint was vivid enough for my Bug. Then as I was prepping potatoes for dinner I had a thought. I halved the baby potatoes and added a design to the cut side with my knife. This was definitely more Bug’s style! Little Monkey? Well it still looked too much like food…

cutter painting







Bunny Masks


So easy and so much fun for pics! Paper plates, construction paper and a stick for a handle and you have a great photo prop. This was one of our best at-home photo shoots–the girls had a great time goofing around with their bunny masks and we had a lot of awesome photos to pick from when we put together cards for family and friends.

Bunny Pancakes


It’s possible we will never be able to make normal, plain old pancakes again these went over so well! We made these for brunch and the kids were pretty excited. The poor bunnies lost their sight first and their whiskers next!

Dessert for my Peeps

So easy, such a hit with the kids!

So easy, such a hit with the kids!

I don’t think many words are necessary…Berry Blue Jello, pop a Peep on before serving. These glasses used to hold Cosmos…now they hold Jello! Bug’s reaction to seeing dessert…”can I bite him? Oh Mom, I love him!” (As she takes a big bite out of him.) There was a whole lot of slurping going on while Monkey enjoyed every last bit of that blue Jello. Bug asked if we could have that dessert again. When I replied, there was one left and she and her sister could share it the next night, “yeah candy for dinner!” was her response. Mom of the year right here!

That about wraps up our Easter preparations. We haven’t coloured our eggs yet, and I’m not sure whether we will get to it–eggs are waiting in the fridge, so we will either do it in the next day or so, or will be eating eggs forever! Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and friends!

What’s on your agenda for Easter?





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