Here Comes’s the Easter Bunny!

Here Comes’s the Easter Bunny!

Well, who’s ready for Easter Bunny to come? We aren’t quite ready but we’re getting there!

I was picking out a few craft supplies last week and I saw a couple things perfect for Easter baskets. It led to me thinking about putting together Easter baskets for the girls…


I do try and pick up little things as I see them throughout the year (telling myself I will be super prepared for the next holiday–sometime it will happen!) I think I used a traditional, little purple wicker basket for Bug her first Easter. More recently I have gotten a lot more creative, and definitely more practical! Those little actual Easter baskets are so cute, but a pain to store the rest of the year. Last year I found these great bins at the dollar store…

A practical, pink Easter basket

A practical, pink Easter basket

Dress it up with some tulle or ribbon woven through the holes if you wish, but who’s kidding who–your kids are not gonna care what the BASKET looks like!

We now use our former Easter baskets to organize our collection of Little People, Barbies (we have two!), bath toys, socks, etc. My girls love to use them as shopping totes with their doll stroller or shopping cart! Born shoppers they are! Dollar tree has a crazy corner of storage containers–colours, styles–I was in heaven. I stood there trying to decide if there was another spot in the house I needed storage baskets!

This year my girls are getting sand pails. I picked these up at the end of last summer with Easter in mind. (I wish I was always on the ball like that!) Contrary to popular belief, sand pails do not last forever! I noticed last year that some of our sand pails cracked mid way through the summer, so a couple extra couldn’t hurt! I also keep a bag of sand toys in my vehicle in the summer for those trips to the beach or park, and then there’s the sandbox in the backyard…

This year it's sand pail Easter baskets!

This year it’s sand pail Easter baskets!

I try to pick up things as I see them throughout the year. (That goes for Christmas stockings too!) So this year I found a few more things to add to the usual mix. Some of Bug’s treats are shown in the pink basket. The little Strawberry Shortcake Pack is like a cold pack for kids. We use it for pinched fingers, bumped knees–you get the picture. FROZEN tuna snack pack (REALLY couldn’t believe this when I saw it…maybe Bug will like tuna, or even try it if Anna & Elsa are endorsing it!), FROZEN underwear and Elsa socks (she will love these even if they are the scratchiest socks I have ever felt–have I mentioned she likes FROZEN?) The Wet Brush, we have quite a time brushing out her hair with it’s little curls at the bottom, this brush is supposed to be excellent. A new bottle of Piggy Paint–she and I do our toenails together. A new Contigo water bottle, I think she will love it–it’s very similar to the ones her dad and I use. A new sunhat, art supplies, bubbles and a kite are also going in her basket.

What will we find in Monkey’s sand pail? A bubble seahorse (gun?/squirter?) so she can play with bubbles but not have them all over. Baby Banz sunglasses to protect little eyes from the sun. My First Crayola crayons, designed for her little hands to easily grasp. Little car keys that beep for MONKEY (she will love these and yes, I believe they say 3+, but with supervision we let her play with them.) An Avent Natural sippy cup (a non-spill cup that promotes easier transition to open cups! A Party in the Tub bath light (can’t wait to give that a try!), bottles for her baby dolls, a sunhat and a couple Elmo songbooks with CD finish off her basket.
We like to use the Easter Bunny to get our kids ready for the upcoming season or activities. Last year, Bug really wanted an umbrella and with the approaching wet spring weather, the Easter Bunny delivered! You can use the Easter Bunny to replace something they need (ie. sunhats–we can never have enough sunhats around here!) Once you get thinking about it, there are lots of ideas out there.


Who says it has to be candy and chocolate? Who says it has to all fit in a basket? Our Easter Bunny has thought about a scavenger hunt for future years, but in the past our Easter Bunny has just left a few things around the baskets on the dining room table. This year we are doing an Easter Egg hunt (for Bug at least!) I have a puzzle (Elsa by the way), I’m going to put each piece in a plastic egg and let Bug collect these.

Our Easter egg hunt!

Our Easter egg hunt!


And if you looked at that and thought, “Melissa, do those pieces really fit in that egg?” you were a step ahead of me. I thought my 48 piece puzzle would fit in that size egg (you know I had lots of those eggs already), but no I had to buy a larger egg. Maybe take your puzzle piece with you when you buy your eggs!

I haven’t quite decided what I am going to put in Monkey’s yet, likely Goldfish (maybe socks in a couple). I haven’t decided whether the eggs will be different–one plain, one polka dotted eggs or whether I will put stickers with their initials on them. Or whether we just let them collect them and sort it out when they open them…we’ll see. I still have lots of time to decide that right?!

Here’s a few of our favourite basket stuffers below…

What’s your favorite Easter basket filler?

Easter Basket Filler List


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