Cinnamon Rolls on a Sunny Sunday

Cinnamon Rolls on a Sunny Sunday

Do you have a recipe that reminds you of your childhood? Of spending time together in the kitchen? I remember making tea biscuits and pie with my grandma. She used to use the pastry scraps to make special little pies for us in tiny Pyrex dishes.  Rolling pastry with my mom (I had my own little rolling pin & cake pans!) and having the job of sprinkling the good stuff (chocolate chips, marshmallows, coconut) on pans of squares are some of my favourite memories. I sometimes find myself wondering what it will be that my girls remember from my kitchen. Will it be sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes (I doubt it will be pastry–much to my husbands disappointment, I don’t make pie too often.) Maybe it will be my cinnamon rolls?  Just the thought of it has me smelling cinnamon and picturing family gathered around enjoying them (because it would be dangerous to just whip a pan of these up and no one to share them with!)

Cinnamon Roll Collage

Bug and I spent Sunday morning whipping up Cinnamon Rolls from Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.

I will admit I have a horrible history with recipes calling for yeast. Over the years my wonderful husband has found himself face to face with the flattest crescent rolls you have ever seen, crepe-like sweet breads, and bread that it’s a wonder it tastes like yeast because it sure doesn’t look like there is yeast in it! This was the first recipe that I really had success with yeast. After I made these the first time, my husband talked about these Cinnamon Rolls for days…

Fast forward to this past weekend and my brother in law was coming to visit. It also happened to be his birthday, so something special had to be put together for Uncle Steve! A few choices were thrown out for Bug’s choosing…cookies, Cinnamon Rolls…Tim’s ears perked up…I can see that he is willing Bug to choose Cinnamon buns. She keeps him in anticipation for another 5 mins, until “Cinnamon buns!” she exclaims triumphantly.  “And cookies!” she adds on for good measure.  She immediately assigns herself the role of assistant, pulling her stool over and positioning it directly in front of the Kitchen Aid. On goes the apron and she is ready!

Although a little dangerous when she wields a roling pin, Bug loved that she got to spread her own butter, sugar and cinnamon!

Although a little dangerous when she wields a rolling pin, Bug loved that she got to spread her own butter, sugar and cinnamon! (Sorry about the pics, my iPad was the easier to manage with messy hands and a moving target:)

Oh boy–a recipe calling for yeast and an incredibly eager preschooler? I’m not sure there is enough coffee in my kitchen to coordinate this! Let me explain about yeast–it might be the most intimidating thing I have come across while baking. There seem to be so many things that could go wrong–water temperature isn’t right, rising time isn’t long enough, kneading isn’t done right, does it need to rise again?…

I came across this recipe from The Pioneer Woman a couple years ago. This recipe sat in my recipe box, where I only drooled over the picture, until one sunny day I got brave enough to try it. It worked! My husband was putty in my hand that day! I’ve made them several times since, usually when we’re having company. They made an appearance at my daughter’s daycare brunch and were requested the following year! I know it’s about time for me to tackle a new recipe calling for yeast, but for the time being I’ll just improve on this one!

Golden Brown Cinnamon Rolls

Golden Brown Cinnamon Rolls

The full recipe can be found at The Pioneer Woman. I’m sure it will be a new favourite for your family!

What’s a family favourite in your house?



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