4 Adults, 3 kids, 2 120lb dogs and 1 small cottage! But first the Car Ride…

4 Adults, 3 kids, 2 120lb dogs and 1 small cottage! But first the Car Ride…

As we near the Victoria Day long weekend, my husband and I are preparing our family for a little roadtrip to visit friends. What started out as a boy’s fishing weekend has morphed into a family weekend as we had children. The boy’s still get out to fish, but we’re pretty sure they’re gonna have some “help” this year. Last weekend my husband started to get the boat hitched to take it for it’s trial run of the season. His plan was to slip out for a quick rip on the lake. Well we looked around and Bug had her life jacket on, announcing she was “going fishing too!” It has been a long time since that child has gotten ready that fast to go anywhere! Well we couldn’t deny her, she didn’t get to fish, but she did get a boat ride.

So this weekend we load everything and everyone up and drive north for about six hours. We’re meeting our best friends at a cottage (yeah!) We only get to see each other a few times a year, so a whole weekend is really something to look forward to. That being said we have to make the road trip first right?

I have spent this week packing, preparing entertainment for the girls in the car and trying to decide what recipes I want to make. I’ve started the laundry baskets of items for the car. A few new books, stickers (I managed to find a FROZEN sticker book at the dollar store–I know Bug will love this!), a few new songs that they have been singing from daycare recently (remember Raffi?) have been downloaded.

Since the weather has just flipped to enjoyable spring weather I haven’t yet put the bubbles, sand toys and beach ball back in my vehicle. I have those things sitting here ready to go in–hopefully we’ll have nice weather and we can make use of them when we stop to stretch our legs or have a picnic.

Need more ideas for a road trip with your family? Check out Car Rides with the Kiddos where I share all our road trip hacks.

Roadtripping with Preschoolers

Enjoy the long weekend with your family! See you next week :)




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