Dear Old Dad–Honouring Dad (and Grandpas!) in Our House

Dear Old Dad–Honouring Dad (and Grandpas!) in Our House


A sweet Treat for Daddy

A Sweet Treat for Daddy

So what did you do for that special guy in your family’s life? Fishing is one of my husband’s favorite hobbies so the girls and I had a little fun with it. We put together a fun little candy tackle box for Tim. Bug had a great time organizing the candy “bait.”

Our "tackle!"

Our “bait!”

I didn’t realize how many candies were so suitable for bait until I took a little trip to Bulk Barn. Check out what I found–I love that frog! Bug exercised such self control as she transferred candy from the bags to the case (a dollarstore find!) There was only one point when I asked what the pile of gummies on the table was for– “Oh the pink and purple candy is for me” was the matter of fact reply I got. My answer? “You can pick two kiddo, the rest are for Dad.”

Tim loves to fish (upcoming post maybe?) and while Monkey is still coming to terms with her lifejacket, Bug has accepted hers and does not let Tim get far without her when fishing poles are involved.

Nothing like a Saturday morning fish!

Nothing like a Saturday morning fish!

This pic is from last summer. Bug is sitting between Tim and I with her Mickey Mouse pole in the water. Tim and I both have lines in, but which line did a decent sized Pickerel choose? You got it, she caught a Pickerel on her Mickey Mouse pole! She is extremely proud and boy can she tell a good fish story already. Ask her about her fish and those little arms stretch out about as far as they can go!

A hard morning of Fishing!

A hard morning of Fishing!

This is my little Monkey while all the fishing was happening. She was still taking morning naps and she zonked out on the floor of the boat. (Note: The boat was not moving. When we were moving her lifejacket was properly done up.) This year she has moved up to the next size lifejacket and I would say she is still not a happy camper wearing it–but we’re working on that…

So we needed a card to go with our gift…

What I intended it to look like...

What I intended it to look like…

Notice the two versions–we got all set up, talked about what we were gonna do–got great footprints from a wiggling Monkey, and a perfect handprint from Bug and then I turned my back…

I turned my back for two seconds to grab the clean up washcloths, only to hear, “there, it just needed a bit more pink!” There stood my daughter holding the “pinkified” picture, “now it’s perfect for Daddy!” she added.

How it actually turned out! ("It just needed some more pink!")

How it actually turned out! (“It just needed some more pink!”)

Well what could I say? I clamped my lips and didn’t say what I was thinking, (you know how hard it is to get prints from a squirmy toddler!) Instead, my reply was, “Daddy will love that picture honey!” When I told my husband the story following the Father’s Day “presentation”, Tim did have a good laugh. “More pink” should be Bug’s slogan!

We couldn’t forget the Grandpas…

Our footprint cars for the Grandpas

Our footprint cars for the Grandpas

We usually do something for the Grandpas as well. This year we made these easy, peasy footprint cars. I want to keep this idea around for birthday cards as well. I really love the cards made with hand or footprints :)

"We love you to Pieces!"

“We love you to Pieces!”

We put together this sweet little treat for the Grandpas as well. A mason jar of Reese’s Pieces accompanied the girls cards for Grandpas. We finished it off with a cardstock tie and a little message…

Our Message

Our Message for Grandpa

What did you do for the special guy in your family this Father’s Day?


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