I’m not supermom, a teacher or an artist…I’m simply a mom who loves to see her kids smile and who feels the baby, toddler, preschooler (eek!) years are going by a little too fast. While I will occasionally come up with some super creative, educational in a million ways activity or craft, here’s a nugget of truth–I often stick something together from whatever I happen to have in the craft bin/closet/drawer (yeah, that drives my poor husband nuts!) Second bit of truth—when I’m inspired by a book or my addiction to Pinterest–it often doesn’t end up looking like the original! Or my idea gets hijacked by my daughters, who are so taken with the colored tissue paper that waving it like a flag or parachute is as far as we get. As I write this, I’m a full time working Mom. There are all these things I want to do with my children, but finding time seems impossible. The morning consists of getting two girls dressed and fed before we do the daycare delivery and I am off to work myself. On the good days, we have time for a couple songs and/or stories before we are off. It means that time in the evening before bed or on the weekends is precious to our family. This blog is my way to organize my ideas and try new things with my girls. Sometimes Frequently they don’t turn out like I intend, or it takes us a couple days to actually finish what we start, but we spend time together! I hope you decide to join us.



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